Authentic Cuban dance in Toronto Canada

At Drey Dance Academy, our mission is to deliver the highest quality dance training to all of our students in a positive environment, while enhancing each student's unique style and creativity. We aim to share our knowledge, expertise, and the powerful energy of dance with all members of the Drey Dance family through different styles of Cuban rhythms.



I highly recommend Drey Dance Academy. Dreyser is an amazing instructor and person. I am continually impressed by what a fun-loving yet professional instructor he is. He demonstrates and then breaks down complex movements and dance patterns. Movements that seemed impossible at the beginning of the class are easy by the end of class. Advice/corrections are always given in a kind and gentle manner. I think Drey Dance Academy is one of the great secrets in Toronto and I feel so fortunate to be able to take lessons at Drey Dance Academy.
— Sue D.
Dreyser our instructor has lot of patience to teach a novice dancer like me. I have never danced in my life and this was the first time ever I had taken dance lessons. Even though I was taking too long to learn the dance steps, the instructor had patience to help me learn. Classes are small and feel more like one to one instruction. You even get to meet group of friendly people at the dance studio and a few folks whom I dance with have become good friends. I would definitely advise anyone interested to learn to dance to join Drey Dance Academy as it is one of the best dance schools.
— Shekhar V.
... Adoro la salsa cubana, y me siento encantado de ser parte de esta excelente escuela, super buen ambiente y un personal impecable, las mejores vibras !!!!!
— Luciano Z.
If you are looking for a place to learn authentic Cuban salsa in Toronto, then Drey Dance Academy is the right place for you. Dreyser is a very professional teacher; he is genuine and highly-skilled and ensures everyone gets a great learning opportunity. I have learned so much about Cuban salsa (and culture) in such a short period of time, thanks to Dreyser. I definitely recommend this place to anyone looking to learn salsa and other dance styles.
— Ardi H.
I recommend Drey Dance Academy wholeheartedly to anyone looking to learn a new skill, get active, and have fun! Dreyser and all the instructors are totally committed to everyone’s learning and enjoyment no matter what your level. Beyond that, the atmosphere within the students is completely friendly and supportive. I started a few weeks ago as a total beginner and I’m already hooked!
— Chloe L.