ICDC 2019 is proud to welcome an amazing group of instructors. Participants at ICDC will have the opportunity to learn from the best Cuban dancers and educators from all over the world in ONE place!


Domingo Pau

Master Domingo Pau is a renowned Cuban dancer, choreographer, and educator with an artistic and professional career of over 50 years. He has worked as an artistic director at Conjunto Folklórico Nacional de Cuba, Rakatan Ballet Company, and Ballet Folklórico Alafia among many others. As a professor of Afro-Cuban folklore, Domingo Pau has taught in Cuba at the Spanish Ballet Liz Alfonso, the National School of Art of Cuba and the National Folkloric Ensemble of Cuba, and around the world in South and Central America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America.  

Indira Mora Cueto 

Indira Mora Cueto attended the National Arts School (ENA) from 2000-2006, studying modern dance, contemporary, and folkloric. She belonged to several top dance companies in Cuba such as Santiago Alfonzo and Ballet Rakatan, has participated in festivals and congresses in Europe (in particular in Italy, Switzerland, and Germany), and has collaborated with dancers the likes of Seo Fernandez and, currently, Jorge Luis Fernandez. Her energy and in-depth knowledge has led her to participate in congresses around the US where she has won numerous prizes. A woman of incredible charisma and sensuality, Indira is now based in Las Vegas where she works at Cirque du Soleil's Zumanity show and teaches in several schools. As a teacher, she imparts her knowledge, humbly teaching all the riches that Cuban culture has to offer.



Jorge Luis Fernandez

Jorge Luis Fernandez is a professional Dancer, teacher and choreographer from Cuba. He graduated from the National Arts School of Cuba (ENA), where he studied dance, especially Cuban Folklore, Afro, Rumba, Salsa and popular styles such as Contemporary and Musician. In Cuba, Jorge Luis participated in many shows, programs, festivals and congresses as part of the Santiago Alfonso Company, Habana Queen Company, Rakatan Company, Lady Salsa show, Habana Rakatan Show, and many more. His dancing and teaching have also taken him around the world, visiting France, Switzerland, England, Canada, Russia and the US. Now based in Las Vegas, Jorge Luis is a teacher at the Naiboa Dance Studio, Rhythmic Dance Studio, and Moderno Dance Center, and professional dancer, participating in the Las Vegas Salsa Bachata Congress, Las Vegas Salsa Bachata Fest, Cirque Du Soleil, and Afro Sexy shows.

Dreyser Garcia

Dreyser Garcia has been dancing since the age of 12 and has studied all Cuban rhythms and Afro-Cuban dance. He began his professional career in 2002 in Havana, Cuba. As part of dance company The American Theatre, he performed regularly in theatres, nightclubs and on television. In 2006, he traveled to Italy to teach and perform at the Salsa World Festival. In 2008, Dreyser began working for a hotel in Cayo Largo Del Sur, Cuba, performing 14 shows each week and teaching Cuban dance styles daily. In 2013, he moved to Toronto and taught Afro-Cuban rhythms, Cuban Salsa/Casino Rueda, and Bachata at Steps Dance Studio until March 2017. With the students of Steps Dance Studio, Dreyser choreographed a Casino Rueda routine which was performed at the Toronto Salsa Congress in 2015. For the 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games, he choreographed and performed Salsa and Afro-Cuban styles. He had the opportunity to dance the Waltz in television series 11.22.63 starring James Franco (2015). Dance is Dreyser's passion, and he aims to share that with his students at Drey Dance Academy.

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Teria Morada 

Teria Morada, founder of Azucar Picante Entertainment, is an all round entertainer. She is a professional Singer/Lyricist, Dancer/Choreographer, former 2 time Jr. Canadian Rhythmic Gymnastics Champion & National Team Member in addition to, multiple time, Latin Dance Champion and Dance & Fitness Instructor. Teria was deemed the 2017 Entertainer of the year by KAHAN Productions and the Latino-Canadian Community! Teria began training at the age of 3 and is proficient in Salsa and all types of Cuban & Latin styles, Samba, Belly dance, Bollywood, Jazz, Ballet, Afro, Reggaeton, Hip Hop, Modern and Persian dances. She has an impressive resume of performances and collaborations worldwide, including being the lead dancer for the Tropicana Cuban Cabaret (Canada edition) and being part of the Los Rumberos dance company in Los Angeles, partnered with Francisco Vazquez, the pioneer of LA style salsa. A highlight of Teria’s performance career was to share the stage with Oscar D’Leon and dance the legendary “Lloraras” live. Teria also choreographs for dancers and gymnasts all over the world from beginner to Olympic and World professional levels including Canada’s R.G. 2012 Olympic team. As a teacher, Teria inspires students with her her extensive knowledge and infectious energy.

Heymer Alvarado

Heymer Alvarado started his dance career in Venezuela at the age of sixteen with the style of Cuban salsa in the Rumbero Academy, where he specialized in Cuban genres. 

He then studied at the Musa School in the styles of jazz, hip hop, commercial dance and contemporary. Five years later Heymer moved to Canada where he became part of the Cadence Academy with which he has taught and presented around the world in various dance styles such as bachata, salsa, and dancehall. He then began working in the style of mambo with the Araguacu Latin Dance Company. Now, Heymer brings his talent, knowledge and good energy to Drey Dance Academy. 


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Amaury Milla

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