Dance Styles


Cuban Salsa (Casino)

Cuban Salsa is one of the most popular Salsa styles today. Earthy, and more primal than other Salsa styles, Cuban Salsa focuses on rhythm and musicality. 

This salsa style is very well suited for social dancing, so whether you are a beginner on the scene or a seasoned pro, Cuban Salsa is a must-have style to add to your dance repertoire! 

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes available.


A real journey into authentic Cuban culture. Rumba is more than a music and dance genre; it is the collective expression of the nature of the island itself. In the past, Rumba has been suppressed, restricted and even banned because of its  uninhibited expressiveness. 

With influences from Africa and Spain, this musical, sensual and deeply culturally rooted dance will have you moving your entire body to the authentic rhythms of Cuba. 

No experience necessary. 


Fusion class is a mix of all different dance styles from Cuba including Afro, Salsa, Reggaeton and Rumba. This class focuses on styling and a general enjoyment of music and movement. Experience the best dance styles from Cuba, all in one class! 

No experience necessary.  

Afro Cuban

Become grounded, centred and powerful! Originating from West Africa, Afro-Cuban was further developed on the western part of the island. Learn about Cuban history as we explore this deeply culturally rooted dance form. Authentic, athletic and exciting, this class will provide you with movement that will truly connect you to your sense of self. 

No experience necessary. 


Sensual, slow and all about connection, Bachata has taken over the social dance scene by storm. Originating from the Dominican Republic, Bachata uses a Cuban hip motion in its basic step. Partners dance close together with slow, sensual, full body movement. This is a great place to start your dance journey as Bachata generally moves slower than other styles. 

Be prepared to dip, dive and move your hips! 

Beginner and Intermediate classes available. 

Rueda de Casino

Do you love the social aspect of dance? If so, this is the class for you! 

The leader of the dance will signal steps and all couples in the circle will perform the called step simultaneously. This allows for what is basically a seemingly synchronized performance filled with spins, claps, and partner switches.

Get ready to sweat, laugh and learn!